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Phone Hours: Mon - Fri 9AM - 5PM

Odyssey Mobile Escape Rooms is available for your event 24/7 365 Days a year.

For private bookings at your event please use the form on the contact page or call/text us!


Our game themes are suitable for most ages. Our rooms allow the level of difficulty to be chosen to fit the  players ability. Game times can be scaled to fit your event size and duration. Games usually run between 5 - 15 minutes (custom times upon request). Most rooms allow groups of 2 - 6 players at a time. 

Finch's Stone

Finch, once a powerful sorcerer, has been imprisoned in his study for conspiring against the King. Finch, along with his apprentice Wren, conjure up a powerful gemstone that will ensure their escape. Catching onto Finch's plan, the guards drag him off, but not before he is able to hide the stone somewhere in his room. It is up to you, along with the help of Wren, to find Finch's Stone hidden somewhere inside! 

Revenge of Chac

Coming Soon

In Mayan mythology, Chac is the god of rain, lighting, and thunder. As explorers you have uncovered a temple dedicated to the deity. As the temple walls close, it is a race against time to solve the mystery within and find your way out.

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Coming Soon

A research vessel orbiting the moon Callisto has gone dark. You have been tasked with investigating the cause for the failure and  restarting the vessel. 

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